Danijela, Your Life Coach

Once you change the way that you see yourself and what’s possible for you, everything changes

What’s more important to you – happiness or a successful career?
What would you choose – health or abundance? Your family or self-development?
You don’t have to choose. You can (and should) have it all.
Are you chronically tired? Stressed all the time? Do you wish you could have more time for self-development, reading, having a hobby? Would you like to have more energy for your partner or kids or better social life? Do you want to start a business and build your dream career, but you already have too much on your plate?
I’ll tell you a secret: you don’t have to choose. You don’t have to sacrifice anything mentioned above. The truth is that you can be or have anything and everything you wish – on your terms.
You deserve more. You can be perfectly happy, at ease, doing what makes your heart sings, and still, have enough time and energy for everything important to you.
I am Danijela, and I’m here to remind you that you can do it. I’ll help you and show you how to.

Who Do I Serve As A Coach?

If you are super-busy but also ambitious,
and you feel deep down that you were born to achieve more,
if you want to find your passion and mission in life,
if you wish to do what you love and make a high income
from that,
if you dream of starting your own business, work on your
terms and manage your time on your own,
if you want to be an example of what’s possible and
support the people around you,
if you are a mum who wants to be an excellent model to
her children, a good mum, but also successful in other fields,
if you wish to be more present, mindful, and joyful,
if you want to develop your full potential and take your
life in your hands,
I’m the right life-coach for you.
Are you tired from constant struggling and rush to check done everything from your to-do list? Are you chronically stressed? Are you one of those who give their best in everything they do, so much that they are drained and have nothing left for themselves at the end of the day? Have you had enough? If yes, that’s great! That means it’s time for you to take your life into your hands.
If you do nothing to organize your life, others will. If you don’t work on your dreams, you’ll be hired to work on someone else’s. Is that what you want?
You are the CEO of your life. You are the one who should lead your life, not follow it, struggling to catch up.
Whatever you think you have to do – you don’t. You don’t have to be trapped in the rat race, working from 9 to 5 every day on something that’s not even close to your purpose, nor you have to be “just mum”, a slave of the beloved family. Instead, you are the one who chooses. Why wouldn’t you choose to have it all?
You are worthy, and your dreams are important. Who will make them come true but you? You can be a woman who chooses what, when, and how she works and what’s worth her energy and time. You can be a woman who lives her dreams, follows her purpose, laughs and shines, happy and satisfied.
How could I do that? I can hear you asking.
With my professional support, proven methods, and a clear step-by-step plan.

So, It’s up to you now. If you are interested working with me…