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An Australian nurse, by the name of Bonnue Ware wrote a book about the top 5 biggest regrets people have at the end of their lives. Can you guess what those regrets are? Working in the hospice she spoke to many people at the end of their lives as she says the number one regret people have is that looking…



What does selflove means to you ?
For me SELFLOVE means so many things
It means to wake up in the morning and before I do anything else I do my morning routine.
I meditate, visualise, I do my vision boards and affirmations. I journal and I exercise.
After I do all this, I feel like I’ve conquered the world, and it’s only 8am in the morning.



What is standing between you and your DREAMS? Let me save you the suspense.It’s YOU!! Yes, you!So get out of the way!! And I know it’s not as straightforward as it sounds, as our limiting beliefs were mostly formed before age 7, and stored deep in our subconscious. They are running the show and we don’t even know it. Because…

Why do people need a life coach?

Zašto ljudima treba životni coach?

I don’t think I knew the answer to this question only few years ago. I struggled with many things. Feeling not good enough. Felling scared to make changes that were needing to take place in my life. Fearing failure and putting myself out there. Fearing what will people think and say. Having that deep need to please people, and unable…