What does selflove mean to you ?

For me SELFLOVE means so many things

It means to wake up in the morning and before I do anything else I do my morning routine.
I meditate, visualise, I do my vision boards and affirmations. I journal and I exercise.
After I do all this, I feel like I’ve conquered the world, and it’s only 8am in the morning.

Selflove also means saying ‘NO’ to people, setting up healthy boundaries for yourself

Selflove is finding 10-15 min a day to read, Because it feeds my soul.

Selflove is the time I spend with my son when it’s just the two of us.

Selflove is being present in the moment, and allowing myself to relax and enjoy that moment.

Selflove is watching a sunrise.

Selflove is feeling so grateful for all i have. Because then I feel so much better about the world.

Selflove is finding time to watch something inspirational on Nexflix or Gaia

Selflove is about setting goals for yourself and not giving up on them.

Selflove is not to judge or criticize anyone. 

Selflove is to talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend

Selflove is treating yourself with shellac manicure, or a facial, or whatever makes you feel pampered

Selflove is accepting yourself just the way you are

Selflove is about being authentic in a world where we are all trying to adapt and fit in.

Selflove is being bold and change your job or even your career if it’s making you unhappy.

Selflove is having coffee and laughing with friends, family, a partner.

Selflove is to learn and grow every day.

Selflove is to challenge yourself every now and again

Selflove is to delegate cooking to someone else, and not feel guilty about it.

Selflove is a tidy house, where you feel cosy and comfortable.

Selflove is a good face cream, and treatments with my Ivona @marelleaesthetics

Selflove it to fuel your body with good & healthy food.

Selflove had to walk to the station when you could take the car.

Selflove is to spend time in nature. What does Selflove mean for you?