It’s funny how often we think our problems are the biggest in the world. Because they are all we see, I guess. And we start projecting that on other people. And because they seem fine, and smiling on their Instagram and Facebook photos we somehow presume their worlds are perfect and somehow they don’t have problems.

Oh, the stories we tell ourselves.

For the longest time, when I was going through my darkest days I didn’t want to tell anyone. I didn’t want to open up and tell my friends as I didn’t want to burden them. Which, I guess was a noble idea. But completely misaligned. As by not wanting to be open and truthful I avoided talking to them. And once I did, I found out they were all going through tough times themselves. And I bet they could have used a friend too.

I felt really crap afterwards, for not being that friend, and being there for them. And they were crushed too, that I didn’t lean on them when it was the hardest. I guess deep down I was scared of rejection and judgement.. while now I realise the only person judging me…was me. So, never ever, hold back with your friends. They need you just as much you need them ❤❤