We can all be so hard on ourselves and we don’t even see it.

We decide to quit smoking. Join the gym. Cut out junk food out of our lives… and so on.

And a very stressful day comes along. As they always do.
And we crack.
We have a cigarette and we don’t show up at the gym for days.

And because of that we throw it all away..
We do ! !
We decide it’s all pointless now.

I know ! Been there many times.
Oh, well I had a slice of cake. I might as well finish the whole thing..then have some ice cream later.

How crazy is that ??

Imagine if you saved £6,010 and decided that is purely saving and not under any circumstances to touch it.
But something happened and you spent £10 out of that savings.

Would you then go crazy and burn through the rest £6,000 ?

You wouldn’t. The trick is to see it as one day.
One slip up.
FORGIVE YOURSELF, and move on.
Tomorrow is a new day. Start again.