Danijela’s Coaching Services and Programs

Danijela, Your Life Coach

“Once you change the way that you see yourself and what’s possible for you, everything changes”


Coaching Services

  • Coaching one on one

    Choose between packages of 3, 6, or 9 sessions. Each session lasts 60 minutes.

  • Accountability coaching

    We’ll work together on your particular goal, I will help you stay committed and achieve it.

  • Group coaching

    Become member of a tribe of strong and ambitious women who inspire and support each other

Hotseat Tribe Membership

Unique opportunity for you to get support
  • Learn from two coaches

    Meet Jo Ingram, a terrific business coach

  • Create your online business

    Get all necessary advice and knowledge to start an online business 

  • Improve sales

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Personal Transformation Plan
  • Home Training Program

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  • Outdoor Training Program

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  • Video Tutorials

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  • Free Advising

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  • Ultimate guide to Vision Boards

    Amazing tool that helps you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal

  • Limiting Beliefs

    Empower yourself and invoke positive thoughts and emotions

  • Setting Smart Goals

    The best way to achieve your GOALS is to make them SMARTER

Testimonials for Danijela Rolih

I have a lot of beautiful words about Daniela, but the truth is that she is a person who knows how to listen and in a gentle way guide and advise.

Tamara Baros
Tamara Baros

Daniela Rolih gets my sincere recommendations as a life coach and a mentor. She is wise, educated, experienced and intuitive.

Maya Stoychevski
Maya Stoychevski

I am a very busy mother of 5, with my own business, and household to run. And at times I have found it overwhelming. Working with Daniela has been life-changing. I have developed new-found resilience, confidence and at long last, an ability to enjoy life. Daniela has picked up on deep-seated issues that I didn’t even realise existed and helped me to tackle those limiting beliefs. She has been a rock and so supportive, while simultaneously motivating me to step outside my comfort zone.

If you’re wobbling in life and need a practical, helping hand, Daniela is absolutely the person you need in your corner. I am very grateful for the person Daniela has helped me to become!

Rose O’Sullivan, Cork, Ireland