1:1 Coaching

Imagine a woman who wakes up full of energy each morning. She is free to choose how to spend her time, and everything she does, she does with ease and joy. She’s relaxed and content with her life, so she glows and spreads positive vibes.
You can be that woman.
I can help you to realize that.

For a start, I offer free 30 minutes Zoom call. No strings attached.
During this first session, you’ll gain some valuable insights and get a picture of how coaching with me looks like so that you can make sure if that’s the right choice for you. I hope you’ll get a lot out of this conversation regardless if you decide to book me or not.

You can choose between packages of 3, 6, or 9 sessions. Each Zoom coaching session will last for 60 minutes.
We’ll work together on detecting the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and changing them for new, supportive ones during the process. We’ll make a strategy and a plan for developing a new mindset, improving your self-esteem, and making you completely in charge of your life.

You’ll get access to a private FB support group with amazing women just like you who will inspire and support you.




    Please choose one of the following:

    3 sessions6 sessions9 sessions

    After you’ve purchased your session package, you will receive an email from me with a small questionnaire. You will email this completed form back to me prior to our Zoom call so that I join you with a clear understanding of your needs, struggles, and areas of your life where you want to see an improvement.