This morning, on a very busy train, I was doing my journaling. Run out of time to do it before I left the house (happens a lot), as I was finishing decorating the Xmas tree with my little man.
Looks awesome by the way! When I finished my joirnaling, and my 10:10 rule for new life, I realised I have filled up the entire note book !! I cannot tell you how happy that made me! This morning routine had been life changing for me.


Even when I was on holiday. Even when I was sick. Or when I just spent 15 hrs traveling with my little boy to come back from holidays, and had 2 hrs sleep before heading to work. Not one day did I give up on my dream of a becoming a new person. A better person… A person that doesn’t give up!! My partner mentioned to me yesterday that I am too hard on myself, and I should give myself credit for everything I have accomplishment this year. So I am giving myself credit for this. I am very proud of this moment. And to be honest, a bit choked up.
I am a completely different person to who I was a year ago. And it’s possible for you too to change things in your life you are not happy about. Your career, your relationships, your self-image, your finances… Whatever that is, I can help you with creating a life you where you will be so proud of yourself!!